Marine and Ocean Engineering Services

GMSI has conducted a broad range of tasks including planning, engineering design, fabrication of mechanical, electrical, and electronic components and subsystems, logistics, and in-water installations including diving and subsea completion work.

GMSI designed and fabricated the specialized installation system as well as performed the installation of MESA (Multiplexed Extended Sensor Array) in the AUTEC (Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center) Range.

Other range installation experience includes the AUTEC Site One Range Expansion, the Southern California Acoustic Range (SOAR) Expansions I and II, the St. Croix Underwater Tracking Range Expansion, and the Acoustic Range Tracking System (ARTS)

Additional experience includes development of prototype instrumentation consisting of analog data recorders, analog to digital converters, high fidelity DIFAR digital de-multiplexer, and RF switching matrixes.

GMSI Subject Matter Experts have designed and built data gathering systems including writing the controller, signal processing and data gathering software and integrating the system for shipboard deployment and use. Additionally, we have developed algorithms for the processing of broadband low frequency acoustic data.

GMSI has been tasked on numerous occasions to design and fabricate highly specialized systems used to deploy acoustic projectors and other test gear. Examples include the fabrication and installation of U-frames on three Navy AFT’s (fleet tugs) that were used to deploy explosive charges at sea during shock test trials. GMSI also designed and fabricated a 30′ tall 30,000 pound lift capacity “A” frame for the U.S. EPA vessel Lake Guardian.

Another significant engineering task was the fabrication of a scale model submarine for the Naval Ship Research Development Center (NSRDC). Following extensive shock testing, the model was repaired and shipped by rail to a location in the western United States.